We had the most incredible, authentic Lesotho adventure, with Polihali Lodge being our base point.

It is situated in a traditional village called Molumong Village, where Basotho shepherds and children spend their days caring for their herds and where the main focus of life is showing hospitality towards others.
We loved the laid back pace of life and friendly atmosphere, where life seems so much simpler and uncomplicated – away from the hustle of city life. It was a true privilege to become a part of the community for a week.
Daniel, a local shepherd was able to organise whatever was needed, from his donkeys carrying water to the lodge to organising enough horses for us to take a ride, enjoying sunsets like no other.
Polihali became our home away from home, and a piece of our hearts will always be left behind there.
We all want to say a HUGE thank you for the adventure, and look forward to next year, for we will be sure to make this a regular trip!

Until next time…
Megan, Andrew, Spencer, Ofentse, Armand, Arno, Kerone, Abby, Avalon, Caitlin & Joshua

November 2018

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