An authentic Lesotho experience!

We drove through Lesotho during December 2017 and visited Derek and Daniel’s new Polihali Lodge in Molumong. The lodge offers a wonderful Lesotho experience, allowing you to ‘live’ within the community and getting a first-hand account of daily life in a Lesotho village. The house has an old (working!) AGA stove which provided warmth and an all-day-long cooking spot during our stay – with the cold and rainy weather keeping us indoors and catching up on our reading and just relaxing. Just remember to take your own firewood. Thanks for a wonderful stay, definitely to be repeated!
Ellane and Pieter van Wyk
baby donkey near Polihali, Ellane van Wyk, Dec 2017A baby donkey photographed near Polihali Lodge in Molumong village.