Polihali: What’s in a name?




We’ve been asked why we chose POLIHALI as the name for our modest lodge that overlooks Molumong village and the Senqu valley in the Maluti mountains of Lesotho.

The reason is that we wanted to claim the connection with the future Polihali Dam that is set to ransform the upper Senqu valley, its surrounds, and impact on communities.

The idea is for rainfall harvested from the ranges of the Maluti mountains to be captured in Polihali Dam, transferred through a 38-0 km tunnel to Katse Dam to augment the water already supplying Gauteng via the Vaal River system.

Part of Phase Two of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Polihali Dam will be built downstream of the confluence of the Senqu and Khubelu rivers and is projected to coffer 2.3 billion cubic metres of water. The dam will have a 163.5-metre high concrete-faced rockfill embankment dam wall, measuring 915 metres across, with a full supply level of 2 075 m above sea level. A 49.5-metre high saddle dam and spillway will also be built. The 38.2 km tunnel, from Polihali to Katse,  will have a diameter of 5 metres.