Endangered aloe best left alone


From time to time, we at Polihali Lodge and Pony Trek Adventures are alerted to people removing a spiral aloe, presumably with the purpose of trying to grow it elsewhere. It is a pointless exercise that inevitably results in the endangered plant’s death. Here’s why:

  1. The spiral aloe (Aloe polyphylla) is endemic to Lesotho’s high altitude grassland, between 2 000 and 2 500 metres above sea level. Any altitude lower, and it won’t survive.
  2. The spiral aloe grows in basalt rock crevices on very steep slopes with loose rock which aids in keeping the plants very well drained.
  3. They often grow in the mist and cloud belt.

At Polihali, we take the plight of the spiral aloe very seriously and will do waht we can to ensure its survival.